Sierra Nevada Endurance Riding

I have been writing a series of articles for ActiveReno that describes some long road rides in the Reno/Tahoe area (generally 50-100 miles). These routes are good if you are planning on getting into shape for a target century or other non-competitive event, or if you are looking to have some fun and prepare for longer competitive events.  In this series of articles I talk about the ride, the challenges, and some other tips about long distance cycling. Check them out and see if you like the epic routes! Sierra Nevada Endurance Ride Articles

Mid-Season Lull

Crazy how fast it approaches, but it looks like mid-season is here! For those riders that started early in training and racing, this time of the year can be mentally tough to try to keep the power and speed up while not getting burned out. Here are a few tips to try in order to keep up the motivation. Take a bit of time off of the bike, go for a hike or chill at the beach, just relax. At this point if you have been training hard for 5-6 months, and a week of reduced training and bike focus … Continue reading

Planning for a Tactical Race

Planning for a race can be difficult, especially knowing which riders to watch, who’s strong, and who is likely to be in the winning move. On top of this, when traveling out of district you might be really unfamiliar with the riders and course you are up against. However, a bit of planning can really help you go into the race with a bit of confidence, as well as have a better idea of which move is likely to succeed given its point in the race and the riders in the move.  Sure, there is a good chance that in … Continue reading

Death Valley Camp #2- Jan 19-23rd

Another Awesome Camp in Death Valley Athletes from Nevada, California, and beyond got a chance to work on multiple performance cycling skills as well as 200+ miles. Thanks to everyone who came out for the camp, and best of luck this season! Hope to see everyone out on the road this year. Death Valley is an ideal place to train during the winter. At a lowest elevation of 200 feet below sea level, riders can enjoy the benefits of training at high oxygen levels for group work, sprinting, and time trialing skills, but also have access to huge climbs such … Continue reading

pedaling drills for efficiency

During the off season and as you begin the new training year, it is a good idea to do some work on fundamentals of pedaling in order to clean up the pedal stroke and improve pedaling efficiency. I often have athletes I work with do some pedal drills, and I do a lot of them myself along with the indoor trainer rides.  I’d like to explore a bit about what these drills are supposed to achieve, as well as if there is really any evidence that it is effective. Pedal drills to increase efficiency: Some of these drills include one … Continue reading